Watch our sewing machine videos to help you learn your new toy!

Baby Lock's new Top of the Line Sewing and Embroidery Machine promises to be amazing, but it WON'T do THIS!

new baby lock solaris... what she does!

Explore the Possibilities with us!  This machine is absolutely amazing!  13" to the right of the needle, and a 10 5/8" x 16" hoop!

IQ Designer makes creativity second nature, and Visionary Projection helps you design flawlessly by projecting designs onto your fabric in real size!

baby lock regalia

Baby Lock Regalia is one of the most innovative amazing quilters I have seen to date.  With 20" of throat space, Extraordinary lighting, and a laser light to pinpoint your position on the fabric, why look any further for your next machine?  We are located near Terre Haute, and Washington Indiana, as well as Effingham, IL.  We give unlimited sewing machine lessons, in addition to our sewing machine videos.

Add Pro Stitcher to get the finest in automated quilting.  Set two point or multi point areas for those blocks that aren't quite square, or even use it to quilt around appliques and embroidery.

This video shows a design created in Art and Stitch Software.

baby lock Sergers

Baby Lock Sergers are DIFFERENT!  Watch how the Baby Lock Serger works!  With no tensions and jet air threading, you will be surprised just how easy it is to complete your next project!

baby lock triumph

What does a serger DO?

Watch Linda sew on the Baby Lock Triumph.

baby lock destiny

Check out this great video by Linda Pacini.

destiny iq designer

These sewing machine videos will help you fix a hole with IQ designer, PART ONE

In this video,  Trish is going to show you how she used IQ designer on her baby lock sewing machine to help a customer repair a hole in her fabric from ripped out stitches.  Mending in the hoop!

destiny iq fixing a hole part 2

Fix a hole with IQ designer, PART TWO

destiny 2 fixing misspelled name

How to fix those embroidery oops with Destiny 2's camera scanner.  This towel had the wrong name spelling, and was already taken out of the hoop.  Watch how Trish uses the camera scanner to realign and stitch out the correct spelling!

juki tl-2200qvp loading the quilt

Load your quilt onto the Juki Grace frame using cloth leaders.


Here are your screen controls on this awesome machine!  18" of throat space make this direct-drive machine a go to for all your long-arming needs!

clean and oil your juki long arm

Lubrication is extremely important when you're running a high speed quilting machine.  In these sewing machine videos Karen shows you how to do the job!

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