Baby Lock Machines

Destiny 2

This machine is a dream, from her extra large hoops to her creativity with IQ designer.  Scan artwork and stitch it out, or use one of the built in artwork shapes to make your own designs.  Built in camera will scan what's in the hoop and bring up the image on screen for perfect placement every time!  No more out of hoop experiences.  

The sky is the limit with Destiny 2!


Destiny's little sister Unity has a 7x12 embroidery field, upgradable to 8x12.  She also comes with fantastic features such as needle beam technology for the straight ditch quilting seams.  Use the included touch pen to center and angle embroidery designs like a pro- even when you're not hooped straight!  Stadium lighting is beautifl and helps you be productive!

20" Regalia Long Arm

Sweetest Long Arm quilter on the market with or without computerized Pro-Stitcher.  20" throat space, 10' kinetic frame and the best regulator available make this machine the Longarm of choice.  Pro-stitcher opens you up to even more possibilities. Quilt even the most crooked blocks with multi-point area setting. Call today to ask about this sweet set-up


All the sewing features of the Unity without the embroidery.  Includes needle beam technology, color LED screen, and the best lighting in the industry.  Absolutely amazing motorized dual-feed foot.

Tiara Sit-Down

Want the freedom of a long-arm quilter without the huge footprint?  This little girl takes up minimal space but allows all the freedom of a sixteen inch throat space.  Free motion quilting at it's finest.  Stitch regulation capable.


Soprano is a great little quilting and sewing machine with all the features you love on our bigger machines but a smaller pricetag.  Kneelift, needle up/down, thread cutter, one touch needle threader and more!